Invent Educare

How we work

When the client approaches Invent Educare, we ensure that your needs are taken care of accordingly. The company will first seek to identify what are the challenges you are facing and what technical features will be convenient for your institution. As a result of the findings, Invent Educare Software Company formulates fully customized encryption solutions that will be effective for you.


Provide a demonstration.

Our team of professionals will allow the client to see a demonstration of how our encryption software works. What are the features, and how to utilize these features and explore their benefits. It's our responsibility to ensure that our clients are well conversant with the software and understand the importance or rather benefits. Also, the client will be able to see some of the previous projects we've worked on and other tutorials necessary.

Gather information and make a license.

Prior to making any decisions regarding the choice of encryption services perfect for your institution. We strive to understand what are the prime challenges that you are likely to encounter, and how to mitigate them. With the gathered data, design a customized encryption software that will serve your purpose effectively. Also, we provide license for the software you purchase from Invent Educare software company.

Provide product training.

Not all of us are tech fanatics, right? Fortunately, for any company that would want to enjoy our encryption services, we provide training on some of the useful skills required in incorporating our encryption services in your videos. Why you need us, and how our services can impact your business.

Product rollout.

The Invent Educare video encryption software is a suitable end-to-end video encryption software that allows users to offer viewership to their videos to limited users, that is users’ chosen devices. Our encryption software is being rolled out to every user and will potentially convey a better piece of mind to users, and confidentiality.

Provide online tech support to education providers and end users.

IT for education institutions is rapidly evolving. As a result, contrary to technology gadgets were being prohibited in schools to now becoming essential. Despite schools seeking to get back to in-person learning, remote abilities still remains a vital aspect. Just like educational videos, and games technology can enable education providers to virtually engage their students. With the instantaneous advancement in technology, digital literacy is nowadays regarded as a real-world skill.